Offering prayers versus throwing rocks

Events of recent weeks and months have lain heavily upon me. As I watched, otherwise good people were spending time and effort in attempting to change the minds of others.

Maybe it’s because I’ve just been around so long, but one of the lessons that has finally been pounded into me is that I will never change the mind of another person. There are still people who don’t seem to get this. I have been finding that when they want to engage me in a political ‘discussion’, they really are just pushing their own agenda upon me whether or not I might agree with any or all of it. Occasionally, I’ve found that they just want to hear themselves talk about their position on something in hopes of getting validation, or worse yet, to just hear themselves expound on their own viewpoint without caring about the reaction.

What’s most important here is that you will never change anyone with your actions. Ever. I’m going to say that again in a second, but in context.

When I grew up, I may not have agreed with the way our government was run, but it was the government we as Americans, in a free America, put in place. We trusted in that Government, and God as their backing, to keep our nation righteous before God. (Remember ‘In God We Trust’?)

These are different times, and if you think it’s great sport to make fun of our government – stop and think! You will never change anyone else through your actions. Ever. The only person you are changing is yourself. Your heart grows more cynical for each attack upon another that you undertake.

Before you read on, think about that a second. You don’t change the other guy, you change yourself. And now I suggest you pause a moment and ask, do you like this change?

If you’re as concerned for our country as I am, I challenge you to pray for our government, and for our President and our government. Yes, pray. Take to heart the words of Hudson Taylor: “It is possible to move men, through God, by prayer alone.”

One more time: “Move men, through God, by prayer.”

Instead of hitting the Internet, looking for rocks to throw, let’s hit our knees and look for stones to move. I offer this prayer, published by Germaine Copeland, in “Prayers that Avail Much for Men,” published by Harrison House, © 2004. It’s positive in its outlook and sees change as something that is occurring right now.

Whatever is occurring in the news, set your emotions aside and please pray for our leaders, whether or not you agree with them. It’s your right to disagree, but God said he would set kings and governments over us, and let’s acknowledge that. Remember the early Christians were under Roman rule, and look how that eventually changed.

Here we go:

American Government

Father, in Jesus’ name, we give thanks for the United States and its government.

We pray and intercede for our leaders and their families, and all those in authority over us in any way. We pray that the Spirit of the Lord rests upon them.

We believe that skillful and godly wisdom has entered into the heart of our president and knowledge is pleasant to him. Discretion watches over him; understanding keeps him and delivers him from evil.  Father, we ask that You encircle the president with people who make their hearts and ears attentive to godly counsel and do right in Your sight. We believe You cause them to be people of integrity who are obedient concerning us that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

We pray that the upright shall dwell in our government, that leaders blameless and complete in Your sight shall remain but the wicked shall be cut off from our government and the treacherous shall be rooted out.

Your Word declares that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Ps. 33:12). We receive Your blessing. Father, You are our Refuge and Stronghold in times of trouble (high cost, destitution, and desperation).

So we declare with our mouths that Your people dwell safely in this land, and we prosper abundantly. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus!

It is written in Your Word that the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, and You turn it whichever way You desire. We believe the heart of our leader is in Your hand and that his decisions are directed of the Lord.  We give thanks unto You that the good news of the Gospel is published in our land. The Word of the Lord prevails and grows mightily in the hearts and lives of the people. We give thanks for this land and the leaders You have given to us, in Jesus’ name. Jesus is Lord over the United States!


Scripture References 1 Timothy 2:1-3 Deuteronomy 28:10,11  Proverbs 2:10-12,21,22; Romans 8:37 AMP  21:1 Acts 12:24 Psalms 9:9; 33:12


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