Where do you get your news?

There are increasing numbers of folks who say, “Well, I listen to this guy, and he’s really good.” That’s great, but ask yourself: Is this person actually part of a news organization? No hedging, now. Yes or no only.

Seriously, there is a lot of disinformation being spewed by people who I would like to think are well-meaning (I want to think the best of all people), but in reality these people do not belong to (and are therefore not accountable to) a regular news organization.

Yes you have to trust someone, and as Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.” I submit to you that the verifying is a lot easier when dealing with a news organization.

When you listen to someone who is ‘interpreting’ the news, they can easily be deceived and taken off course. Also, ask yourself the question:

“What’s their motivation?”

The motivation of folks who are not sponsored by a news organization is ONLY one thing: to get listeners. They therefore are not accountable to the facts and will say anything just to get people to listen to them. These people are only behind a microphone to be an ‘entertainer’ and not a source of news.

I’ll say it again: They are not accountable to the truth.

I’ll say the second thing again: They’ll say anything just to get you to listen.

Watch where you get your news. In these later days, there are many who will attempt to deceive by using a grain of truth as a foundation for a stack of falsehood.

I personally have a problem with people who get on talk shows and then “get creative with the truth.” They wave what is an official document and point to a small portion of it and say something that has no basis in fact like, “Oh look here, the government’s going to take away all dogs since they’re a deterrent to the population of cats – and cats are rat and mouse control. So our cities are going to be cleaner. Isn’t that a great thing for our government to get behind? Let’s all get rid of dogs!”

Maybe that’s a bit over the edge, but as someone who has been leaned upon to follow the truth, this is just as bad as some of the other stuff that’s being peddled as so-called ‘truth.’ Remember the old admonition of ‘there’s no such thing as just a little bit sinful?’

Remember that in the end times, ‘many will be deceived’. It doesn’t matter how many people listen to a ‘commentator’, it only means that the number of people being deceived is greater. Being in the majority doesn’t make you right.

So here’s the hard question of the day: Aren’t the best falsehoods the subtle ones? The ones that seem on the surface to be truth?

Second hard question of the day: What IS the truth?


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