Never stand so far…

With this recent rise in incivility lately, we should be reminded of the truism: “Your thoughts shape your words; and your words shape your actions.”

You can work yourself all into a foaming lather about people or issues, but then those thoughts become your speech. Hence the less-than-prudent interruption of our President (yes, he’s OUR President, all of us) during a speech to Congress. But let’s set politics aside for a moment and consider.

Look at what happened here: The thoughts became the speech, and the speech became the action of interruption and disrespect for the office. It’s still the Office of the President, no matter who occupies it.

What I find disturbing is that the Representative who made this outburst apparently (as of this writing) refuses to apologize to his colleagues, although he did issue an indirect and therefore half-hearted apology to the President. So he is apparently not ashamed for his actions.

This is a good example of the point I’m trying to make: Never stand so far and so firmly to one side of any issue that you cannot see the middle ground – ground where you can relate to others who feel differently.

Yes, we’re not of this world, but we do live here. And we live here together. Isn’t that the point?


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