To what will you give your time?

This life has a limited amount of time; for some of us, it’s shorter than it is for others. Everything you do, every day, has a cost in time. How will you spend what you have been given?

You can choose to spend your time doing what strengthens you and others, or you can waste it. Kind of like spending time reading an informative article versus reading some rant by some nutcase on the internet. (Hopefully I’m not in the latter category, here.)

I realized some time ago that I don’t want to get to the end of my life and in looking back, exclaim, “Whoa, I sure blew that…!” Not that I’m trying to make something of myself, but i’ve (finally) learned that it’s important to spend time listening to God.

A good analogy is one of the basics they taught us in Weight Watchers: everything you eat is either good for you (nourishing) or bad for you (fattening) The nourishing stuff moves you along toward your goal, and the fattening stuff just slows you down or takes you the wrong way.

Personally I just wish the fattening stuff wasn’t so tempting.

But by consciously choosing from moment-to-moment what is good, eventually you begin to lose a taste (although it’s never gone totally, darnit) for what’s bad. Eventually you get to the point (they tell me) where it will be easier to resist the bad stuff.

But it requires a conscious effort to do the right thing…  Be sincere about it, ask God to help, make the first step, and then watch what happens.


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