Glorify Your Name

This came to my attention recently during a study.

I suddenly clearly recalled what a well-meaning fellow said, after our group had been praying for healing for a sick person:

“Well, you can always pray the prayer that will always be answered: ‘Your will be done.'”

Okay, great. Except that it asks nothing from us. We’re then left to sit back and think, “Well, that’s done. Great. Okay, God, you go on ahead. I’ll just go away and do my next thing.”

We put nothing into it, so we get nothing out of it. Yeah, handle it, God, okay? Meanwhile, I’ll go do what I was doing before.

I noticed the contrast between that, and this prayer that Jesus prayed:

“Father, glorify your Name.”

Here was Jesus, setting aside his own will and desires to do the will of the Father. Setting aside anything else he could have done by himself and giving it all up to the Father. Giving everything he had invested to the Father. And trusting the Father to make it count.

No matter what it cost him. And boy, did the Father make it count!

So I thought about this in light of that first prayer. Whatever happened to the person who was sick, did God get any glory? By asking him to glorify his Name, it opens the way for that to happen in our lives – in whatever form. And we are blessed because we gave.

And so, what I go on to do next is touched by this. Instead of going off and doing what I was doing before, I’m now going on and doing in the Forever.

As we become more like Jesus, should we consider adopting his prayer?


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