Lessons after being severely injured

I was injured to the point of requiring surgery about a week and a half ago.

Trying to do things with a minimum of help from others, I walked stubbornly down the path of independence. I prayed, “Lord, please let me learn the lesson I’m supposed to learn here, so I can get on with this.”

Well, God always answers prayer, sometimes just not right away. It took me a few days to learn that I need to let others help. To not do so is to deny them their way of serving God through the gifts, knowledge, and wisdom that he gave them.

However, the nerves in my right hand have ‘gone to sleep’, in my doc’s terms. I’m typing this left-handed, and for someone who works with the flow of our language through the written word every day, it is, in short, frustrating. Normally, I can blaze along at about 65 words per minute, but today, it’s measured in words per hour.
As of today, I can touch my thumb to my index finger and pinch with pressure, and – new for today – touch my middle finger to my thumb. I have lift motion with the thumb and index fingers. However, I have this curious sensation when I try to lift any of the other fingers – it’s best described as a deep feeling in my gut, like nausea.
But while I acknowledge that, I choose to concentrate upon and to celebrate the small victories, because they are still victories.

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