Injury update for today

I have some movement in the fingers that have ‘gone stupid’, good feeling and no lack of it otherwise. It’s been three days since I’ve needed the pain meds; although with the weather change, I’m considering them. I can extend my fingers to about 30° but not out flat yet. Consider how you make a flat hand  for waving; I can’t do that yet. Nor use the hand to type yet.

Prince is great therapy for the hand. He wants ‘pets’ often enough that my hand gets good exercise. 

Weather outside is clear to partly cloudy, 24°; wind is 40 MPH. Forecast is for high teens for the low.

Pellet stove’s on stop #4, (highest we usually run it) and it’s keeping up.

Thank God we live here in such spectacular country where we can see His handiwork every day.


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