Great Help from a Great Nephew

Our great nephew recently offered to do work around our house. He’s (as of this writing) a 3rd level carpenter’s apprentice, so when we told him we really needed our insulation replaced under the house, he sort of knew what he was getting into.

The reason we needed the insulation replaced was that several years ago, we’d had a bad problem with mice (we do live in the country after all) but this was pretty horrible. They’d pretty much destroyed all the insulation under the floor, and our floors were COLD. This was especially apparent this last winter with the cold, wet weather, day after day, then the weather in the lower teens; all with 40+MPH winds.

We invited him down to take a look for assessment, and he wasn’t scared off by what he saw. Instead, he took on an attitude of professionalism that would make any job superintendent proud. Meanwhile at home, he’d been putting in hour after hour of study on the subject.

He went with my wife to Lowe’s, and he had his notepad ready with measurements and needs. His preparation and attention to detail was impressive. He did most of the figuring out for how much we needed, and we ordered and paid for the insulation. During the intervening week, my wife and I made 6 trips and filled the garage with bags of insulation.

74 bags of insulation.

That meant that about that much had to come out from under the house. And what was under there was full of dead mice, and all their leavings. But he didn’t complain one bit, just reported to me that there were hundreds of dead mice. Even so, he knuckled down and got the job done. He obviously learned his work ethic from his dad, who is a tremendous worker.

All this was complicated by the fact that my arm is still pretty much out of commission which meant I couldn’t be of much help. I couldn’t even climb down the ladder to the crawl space.

Eventually, it all came out, and the new stuff went in.

Boy, doesn’t that sound easy?

Way easier than it was in reality. There were two solid days of work there. But he did it all, did it really well, and without a single complaint. Along the way, he found a spot where our hot tub was leaking… we would not have known for months that we’d had a problem. So he played a part in averting a minor disaster.

He stayed at our house while he did the work, and he was up early with me every morning, ready to go. He worked late every night, just to get the job done and to do a good job at it while he was doing it.

He can be proud of the job; as proud as I am of him for doing it and for doing such a great job. The house is warmer, too.

What a great “kid.” If you can call a 22-year-old a kid.

Our biggest ‘Thank You,’ buddy. You deserve it. Thanks for getting not only the work done, but a big load off our minds.


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