Stop Acting Like Children, Congress

I saw the news interview shows on Sunday, and could not have been more impressed by the thickness of some members of Congress. The universal line ran something like, “Well, now that we’re getting on to jobs, everything will be better.”

I don’t think so.

In the words of Indiana Jones: “They’re looking in the wrong place.”

Bob Schieffer moderated a telling exchange between two members. The show is summarized here.

One asked the other what the points were that he disagreed with. They covered their points of contention one by one, and what do you know, they agreed on 90% of the points. But when it came time to say, “We’ll get work done together,” the vilification, infighting, and childish name-calling reared its ugly head again.

What’s it going to take, here? Congress, you guys are better than this. At least I used to think so. But it’s become apparent that somewhere you started listening to idiotic political pundits who resort to childish crap like name-calling; for Pete’s sake, calling people Socialists…

Yes, here’s another swing at these so-called ‘experts’ who have nothing better to do than to sow division. And who profits by this…? Guess. Only these so-called ‘experts’ who run politically-orientated entertainment shows that are disguised as ‘Political Truth.’

‘…and many shall be deceived…’

I guess this is just a symptom of this world, but what’s distressing is that no one is stepping up to take these so-called experts on. Why not? In a battle of wits, a reasonable person would have an unfair advantage and could shut them down right away.

But let’s get back to Congress; you guys need a slap in the face to wake you up:

Why do you concentrate on what divides us, when we are all better off when we concentrate on what unites us? We elected you guys to do two things:



In frustration, I ask, “Wouldya just try this, please:”

Quit listening to morons who are only interested in stirring up animosity, and start listening to each other.

Quit concentrating on contention and start concentrating on compromise. We can put up with a lot as a nation if we know that you are at least talking to each other.

One of the things we cannot tolerate as grownups is children who continually screech at each other for no reason.

Do you get it yet?

Somebody needs to come up there, slap some sense into you, and lock you all in a closet together until you start talking to each other again. All you’re doing right now is talking AT each other, and none of you are listening.


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