For those of us who have lost our canine ‘Best-Buddies’

There’s never anything easy about making the decision to end the life of a pet.

After all, they are companions to us for life – their life. Their trust in us is humbling. They trust us to care for them, to never mistreat them, to feed and potty them, love them when they need it, and to care for their illnesses.

In return, they give us every single ounce of their being. They are always totally in the ‘here and now,’ and they love us totally in return for the love we give them.

Their vulnerability when they are puppies captivates us and endears us to them. As they grow into adulthood, the personality traits they display charm us and become an important part of our lives, fulfilling us as people because we love them deeply and totally – the same way they love us.

But their lives are short. Always too short. Their lives burn bright with the brilliant light of unconditional love, but like everything in this life, it is finite. They give so much of themselves that their time must be short.

When you remember them, remember our Creator who conceived of them, then made each of them with His own hands; each one made to become a part of our lives. Think of how He smiled when he formed your Best-Buddy, how He rejoiced when He brought you together, and how He knew how much fun and love you would share.

I added a page: ‘About Max’ to describe this unique animal.

And in coming back to this page years later, I need to add that that summer, we lost Prince, the dog-and-a-half of the Dynamic Sheltie-Dog Duo. And a year and a half later, the other, quieter, half-dog of that two-dog blessing: Pepper.

In retrospect, I take comfort in knowing that God loved us so much that he gave these unique animals to us to be our companions and to care for.


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