Honoring Our Canine Best-Buddies Who Have Passed

This is to the melody of Enya’s “Let It Be,” a folk melody that is made to ring and echo across hill and dale, through valleys, and across time.

May you hear your Maker
Whistle for you,
May you run to him to find
That He loves you too
I’ll walk a lonely road without
your company
And I wait for the day
you’ll again come to me.


Your greetings every day
When I came home
Made me feel never alone
Heartbroken I am now
but in love you’re at rest
For this I knew
was for your best.


A love bright as yours
could burn but brief
And the loss of your love
brings those you loved such grief.


By your Master’s side
you’ll bring him great pride
as you both wait quietly
for that day I join you
But smile I will
As I stand on our hill
Stronger for our time together.


The world spins on
there will be another dawn
and our God is still sovereign
And I’ll see you again
My forever-freind,
As I walk with the Lord
looking forward.


Yes I’ll still walk with the Lord
and looking forward…


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