A break in the hot, dusty weather

I guess I’m just a typical Northwest kid.

I feel badly right now for all those folks on our East Coast who have had to stand all the hot and sticky weather this summer. It’s been bad enough, here.

Last Saturday and Sunday, I had the tractor out to mow the front and back meadows; it was the typical summer game of “Race-the-Dust-Cloud.” The dust was so thick at times that I had to stop and wait for it to drift past. It was also another installment of the movie, “The Blackberries Strike BACK!” Some of the canes were as big around as your thumb. “When you’re wearing a respirator, no one can hear you scream…”

But to get to today…

This morning there was drizzle and I’m glad to see it after all our hot and dust. 

I find it a lot easier to live with high 70s and low 80s than this hot and dusty stuff we had going for a while. This morning on the mountain, it was actually what the NWS calls “heavy drizzle”. There was just enough precipitation to wash the dust down a bit, and to lay a smell upon the land of life renewed and the fragrance of hope eternal. Just breathing deeply lifted your heart and mood.

The air smelled clean and fresh; it was that same wonderful smell you get right after a thunderstorm comes to break a hot spell. It was really a pleasant summer morning, reminiscent of simpler times and a quieter life. What a pleasure to drive to work with the windows down and drink in that wonderful feeling.

Instead of complaining about the weather – how about looking around, finding beauty in it and appreciating it, instead of thinking about the inconvenience. Try thanking the Lord for a new day, and while you’re at the base of the Throne, look around you at the beauty to be discovered. Bet your day starts a lot better that way.


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