Our Heartache has a Name

Prince went to his Ultrasound appointment on Saturday. For weeks, we have been tortured by his mysterious and undiagnosed diseases. He has gotten too thin too quickly, doesn’t care to eat much, was listless, had skin lesions, and presented with odd infections. As past caretakes of geriatric canines, we had begun to fear the worst.

Now we know. He has Hepatocutaneous syndrome; a rare disease in our area because it is confined to only some male Shetland Sheepdogs.

The vet told us that this is why his liver numbers, blood sugar numbers, white cells, and other measures are all over the map.

Prince, as he always will be in our hearts

My Forever-frend, waiting for me

He is dying, and his time is near. Meanwhile we are blessed to hold him and hug him a few times more; and one may be assured that we will spoil him worse than ever in his remaining time.

God has blessed us wonderfully in entrusting these two Shetland Sheepdogs to us, and when Prince tells us it is time, we will gently return him to his Maker’s care.


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