Good-bye, Best-est Best Buddy

I loved you from the first time I saw you. You were lying in the living room, butt-to-butt with your brother, Pepper. I came to recognize that posture as one of familiarity for the both of you. I immediately fell for your charms, your beautiful, intelligent eyes, expressive pricking ears, and softest of soft Sheltie fur. I cannot love with reservation; I love deeply or not at all, and you returned my love with an incredible depth of your own that showed in every moment we spent together.

God smiled when he made you, giving you a gait that made you ‘sashay’ as you happily approached anyone you loved. Bright, sparkling intelligence (and mischief when no one was around) along with devious innocence were your style. But God gave you an unequalled depth of love and care, and your Sheltie neediness for love never for a moment diminished the brilliance of your personality. I would wake in the morning to find you nearby, and you watched over me every night as I went to bed. No matter how long I read, you waited until the light went off and my breathing changed to that of sleep before you called your work finished for the night.

I repaid you for your love in ways you do not understand: Your picture appears often on my screensaver, and every night I hurried home with you and your brother on my mind. Countless times I thanked and praised God for his genius in creating the both of you. How he must have smiled, knowing what pleasure and love you would bring to all of us! And now you get to see God smile as he welcomes you; and as you wait patiently for me.

My favorite photo of my Best-est buddy

I look forward to that day when I get to see Jesus in person; and as I am on my knees in gratitude and praise to my Savior, I suddenly find your cold, wet nose tickling my ear.


2 thoughts on “Good-bye, Best-est Best Buddy

  1. My heart is broken for your loss. This was such a beautiful story about a wonderful friend… Thank you for sharing.

  2. Prince was a wonderful dog and friend. Your blog is a work of art and honors Prince. I’m so sorry about your loss and am praying for you, Lisa and Pepper.

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