Walking Onward

I reluctantly admit that it is time. If there were a visible path whereby Prince departed, I would still be glancing wistfully in that direction. Prince will always be missed greatly but can never be replaced. I will always have a warm place in my heart for him; I may forget exactly how soft and velvety the fur on his ears felt, but I will always miss him.

Meanwhile, Pepper is slowing down. He’s starting to lie in places where Prince would typically lay. He’s also just … less … perky.

It is time to make a new space in our lives and hearts for another dog. Hopefully this new addition will also help Pepper ‘get his groove back.’

Thank you to all who prayed for us, and for continuing to think of us while we began to look for our new furry friend.

I think our seeking process has been one of God showing us what’s *not* right, in preparation for us to know what *is* right for us. When I think about it, we have to come to understand what is the wrong path before we can recognize the right one.

We have looked at what is probably more than four dozen different dogs, many in person, and many through other sources such as Second Chance Companions. I had my heart softened toward several possibilities (yes, I will always love herders), but none were “exactly right” for us.

So we had been praying that God would make it abundantly clear which dog would be right. And when we look back on it, it has been that way, every time, for all of our animals – we just knew we had the right one.

My wife has always been intrigued by Greyhounds, by their elegance and personality. So we had arranged to go see some Greyhounds on Sunday, but I have to admit, it just wasn’t with the highest of expectations. After all, we’d already been to see so many dogs, none of which were right. We would know when we saw the right dog, and neither of us wanted to get our hopes up yet again with all these past disappointments clear in our minds.

So we went, and kept an open mind. And continued to wait on God.

And we met Zuri.

We knew for certain that we have found a new buddy. This personable, warm-hearted, (and speedy!) girl will be coming to live with us next Sunday.

I found a link to her photo, here. If not the last on the page, then near the bottom. If you click on her name (not the picture) you’re taken to a page that tells more about her and also allows you to see her stats. “Swing Line” was kind of a surprise.

And now I have to come up with an appropriate term, as ‘buddy’ doesn’t really seem to apply to a girl.


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