Prayers #2: Powerful Prayer

This also is from No Atheists In Foxholes, by Chaplain Patrick McLaughlin, CDR, USN. This quote is attributed to Lynne Bundesen, “One Prayer at a Time.”

Prayer is saying NO.

Prayer is a resounding NO to helpless victimization anytime, anywhere.

NO to fear.

NO to apathy.

NO to being stuck.
And this prayer is from CDR. McLaughlin:

All-Powerful Lord,
Hear our prayers of power and might.
Hear us as we thunder with raw emotion and confidence.
Hear us as we claim authority through your Word.
Hear our echoes from the mountaintop.
Hear us when we shout across the waves of the seas.
Hear us roar in the desert.
Hear us from sea to shining sea.
Hear our resounding cries:
Nothing shall separate us from the love of God!

Amen and amen!


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