Making “Made in America” Mean Something Again, Part 2

I was reading the reports about this salmonella outbreak being traced to a large egg producer in Iowa, and about how it could have been prevented.

Waitasecond. When God gives you a job to do, he fashioned you for a certain task; something you are to do for now. It becomes our job to acknowledge that and to give it everything we’ve got. Doesn’t matter if it’s sweeping floors, or … cleaning eggs. You have to take it seriously. Everything we do has a consequence. Doesn’t matter if we see it immediately or not.

I’m going to excerpt the latest as of this morning, from the Washington Post. You can check the whole story online here.

The outbreak occurred just as new federal regulations designed to prevent salmonella contamination of eggs took effect on July 9.

The rules, under development since 2004, require egg farms of a certain size to test for “environmental contamination” by salmonella bacteria…

Many states, as well as egg-producer associations, have voluntary “egg quality assurance” programs with guidelines similar to those that are now mandatory. A spokeswoman for Wright County Egg, Hinda Mitchell, said the company has voluntarily followed the new rules “for several years.” … however, the FDA … told reporters: “We do believe that the outbreak could have been prevented.”

Why do we have to MAKE people do the right thing? Whatever happened to conscience? You should always do the right thing, not because it’s easier, but because it’s more difficult – and that’s how you know it’s the right thing to do. It also lets you sleep at night.


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