Worship isn’t just for Sundays

I was reading last night in Grace for the Moment Daily Bible (Max Lucado), and hit something about worship that is worth sharing. Actually, it hit me! The phrases hit and echoed like hammer blows.

I’m quoting the text, but rearranging it a bit to give emphasis.

Worship is when you’re aware that

…what you’ve been given

…is far greater than…

…what you can give.

Worship is the awareness that were it not for his touch, you’d still be hobbling and hurting, bitter and broken.

Worship is the half-glazed expression on the parched face of a desert pilgrim as he discovers that the oasis is not a mirage.

Worship is the “thank you” that refuses to be silenced.

We have tried to make a science out of worship. We can’t do that. We can’t do that any more than we can “sell love” or “negotiate peace.”

Worship is a voluntary act of gratitude…

offered by the saved…

…to the Savior,

…by the healed…

…to the Healer,

and by the delivered…

…to the Deliverer.


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