Too Bad They Do All These Things ‘way over in D.C.

For some time, I’ve been highly disturbed by the tone and direction of national politics.

And I thought I was alone.

I mean, where’s the courtesy gone? Where’s the respect for the office of the elected official? Whatever happened to the Christian viewpoint of, “If you don’t like the guy, pray for him“? And WHAT IS IT with these people who would swear up and down that there is a secret socialist takeover of America afoot? WHERE is this junk coming from?

Plus, I truly am sick and tired of people in so-called “News Organizations” editing a quote to suit their own means and biases, then airing the result as The Truth. Really, what does this accomplish, besides divisiveness?
Oh, wait, it equals ratings.
Sadly, too many are deceived as these people offer a distorted version of the truth in sacrifice as they bow down to the god of Ratings.

And then I read about Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity.

CNN cut through it pretty quickly:

Media manipulation by professional partisans on both sides has become so predictable that satire has emerged as the last, best way to cut through the spin cycle.

Viewers’ intelligence is respected even as they are entertained, and between laughs the civic backbone begins to straighten a bit. News doesn’t need to taste like medicine, and nonpartisan does not have to mean neutral.
There is a silent majority of Americans who feel politically homeless in today’s polarized debates. They are not activists obsessed with politics. But they are no less patriotic than the partisans.

Sad commentary, but true in these days. Let me point you to the whole article, here.

I love the sign suggestions:

“I disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler”


“Take it Down a Notch For America”
It’s just too bad that it’s so far away. I’d take an afternoon off from work and go.


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