Sometimes it takes a while to hit you…

A while ago, I was reading in Psalms about God’s ‘storehouses of rain and snow’ and then later about God’s ‘storehouse of the wind’.

To have something in a storehouse, means you have to own it. To bring out something from a storehouse means you command it.

So, get this: There are forces which are beyond our understanding, yet God holds them in his hand.

Deeper yet: God created all physical laws. So yes, he gave his moral laws to the Israelites, but way before that, he created all physical laws. Because he created them, he commands them.

Take a minute to let that soak in: God has control of all forces, all matter, because he created it.

He commands the strong forces, the weak forces, the force and amount of gravity, the force that spins electrons about their atomic core, the attractive forces that hold atoms together, and the repulsive forces that prevent atoms from gaining core mass and electrons beyond a certain point.

He holds in his hand all matter: whether it’s so large that it’s beyond our imagination or calculation, such as the entirety of the Universe; or even the tiniest particle, smaller yet than a boson, which we have yet to discover.

He holds the seed of a windstorm, for he knows its point of origin. He allows our Earth to have just enough and the right type solar radiation so that life flourishes.

This is God, who crafted the enormous fury of the fusion reaction in the Sun and the stars, long before we even began to understand the nature of energy. He knows the flight of each and every photon, and where it meets its end. And yet he set every star in its place, he knows the precise composition of each, when it will go nova, and so he knows its name.

And yet, this is a holy God, who would rather die for us than to lose us to sin. This tremendous Maker who set the boundaries of matter chose Himself to atone for … us.

And this is only the beginning. We stand only at a tiny beginning point as eternity stretches from our humble acceptance of how small and sinful we are; and to accept his, the most extreme of sacrifices, made in our behalf. He is Lord of all things, giver of all things; and yet he gives us the next greatest gift: the choice to accept him and to walk with him.

Your trust is a precious commodity. Will you put it on deposit in the Bank of the Power of God, (where interest is guaranteed, I might add!) or will you continue to place it in the bright shiny things of this world which deteriorate, fail, chip, crack, rust and discharge… This is the power of the gift of choice; and once you realize the depth of the decision, it is difficult to take lightly.

I for one have had a few years to reflect on it and am glad I chose the way I did.

My trust in God makes an interesting sidebar: it’s almost like the old-fashioned passbook savings account, where you put an initial amount in the bank, and you got this little 3-inch wide by 4-inch tall book of stiff, but empty green pages, except for your initial deposit amount showing in that rough-around-the-edges print (from typewriter ribbon) made by the bank’s passbook printer. You could add to it any time, (daily, if you wanted), and they’d gladly print your new amount, showing the current funds on deposit with interest.

So I have to decide each day to take my passbook to God with another deposit of trust. My first deposit was that trust in him with my spirit; that he has redeemed me once and for all. I had to decide to trust in the smaller things, and hopefully the interest that those deposits have brought may actually one day show in my life.


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