On What Will You Base Your Life?

I saw a disturbing political commercial from Colorado this evening. It was full of falsehoods and … evil images. What was worse, is that it was dripping with hate.

I set that aside, and went outside to read, study, and to think.

If you know me, you know that I spent some 20 or more years in television, one of the most cynical businesses that you can choose. Having spent so long in such a cynical profession, where every frame of content is taken apart and analyzed, perhaps still gives me an insight or two. And I continued to think upon the imagery that had rolled past me. The outright manipulation and lying to the viewer reminded me of case studies I had read regarding propaganda. In materials of this type, first you have to create a plausible link to something true. Then you build upon that link with any material you wish, as long as it sounds credible. If a lie works, you use it. Now, in my return to God, I can draw perhaps a parallel. With whom are we familiar who can take a truth and twist it just short of the breaking point, to create a plausible lie…?

The basic problem is that hatred (no matter of whom or what) says that any means justifies the end – doesn’t matter if you’re telling the absolute truth, or stretching it too far. Lies are okay, as long as you make your point.

However, if you choose to deal with others in love, you begin to look for the good qualities in them, and to seek the truth in all things. You deal with them based on those good qualities. You then choose to pray for the rest, giving your perceptions to God. To loosely paraphrase Hudson Taylor, “Change people, through God, by prayer.”

Which all comes down to the question: Do you really want the truth, or do you wish to remain comfortable and to believe lies? Are you willing to take the hard road of truth and love for others, or to take the easy road of intolerance and hatred?

Each bears its own consequences.


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