Fake Glögg Recipe

In honor of the holidays, here’s the Fake Glögg Recipe I figured out while trying to make a decent mulled wine concoction.

In a ‘festive, yet heat-proof mug’: (Here’s a nice Scandinavian one…)


  • One generous shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
    (you might end up using a little more as the evening goes on)
  • One Tablespoon Grand Marnier

Top off with a pretty good fruit-forward red wine, such as Red Diamond Merlot.

Microwave for about a minute and a quarter.

This will for sure put the ‘Merry’ into your Scandinavian Christmas.

Some words of warning from our Legal department:


This recipe comes close to the taste of the original, but also duplicates its horsepower.

Glögg is an Old Norse word that translates loosely to “Rocket Fuel.” This recipe pretty closely duplicates the stuff that the Vikings drank too much of, then got into their sailing boats, then about the time it wore off, they found themselves in sight of foreign land somewhere. Feeling cranky because they’d run out, they went ashore and conquered whatever was in front of them.


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