It’s about time we had a little more chaos around the house

As I begin to write this, I feel a gentle shove under my right arm. The shove is connected to a reddish nose, which is the front of a beautiful Golden Retriever named Wheaton.

Here’s the tale of our weekend…

We drove 4-1/2 hours (each way) to Wheaton’s foster home, arriving a bit bleary-eyed from getting up at oh-dark-thirty and leaving the house at 05:00. It is always interesting when you are driving into the dawning day…

Pepper, however, was just fine, having caught up on his napping while riding in the back seat.

And we met Wheaton. We saw interested, intelligent eyes, an easygoing manner, and the willingness to be a friend to anyone… all very Golden traits.

We put Pepper and Wheaton together in a number of different situations, and they got along really well through all of them.

After spending a couple hours or so with Wheaton, we couldn’t bear to leave without him.

And today, two days later, I am impressed by Wheaton’s intelligence about Pepper – he is so gentle-natured that he’s not pushing Pepper anywhere that Pepper doesn’t want to go. It’s almost as if he’s letting Pepper get used to him before he tries to engage him in play. There is an apparent wisdom on Wheaton’s part here that I cannot claim to understand. He’s being a good-buddy without getting into Pepper’s space, or on his nerves.

So the last couple of nights, Wheaton’s been learning our routines. This morning, he had it figured out already that we get up, we go out and potty, and then we come in for breakfast.

This morning I heard my wife saying, “Bleah-bleah-bleah…YUCK!!! Patooey!!” and I asked what happened…

Wheaton needs to figure out that my wife doesn’t get up as early as I do. He was thinking she was ready to get up as soon as I was finished dressing. So he went up to her and gave her a big wet doggy kiss for a good-morning greeting…

 He finds it a distinct advantage that he is tall enough to look us in the face as we lie in bed.

This was just after he came up next to me as I was sitting on the top step, putting on my shoes. I always take a minute to thank God for the day as I get ready to leave.

And this morning, I had something else for which to thank God. I had a beautiful Golden-buddy sitting regally next to me, the grateful recipient of loving ‘pets.’


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