Wheaton: “I’m settling in just fine, thank you…”

We’ve been giving Wheaton a number of different experiences with us, to help him acclimatize. Yesterday I had to run a number of errands in town (go to the Post Office, get stove pellets, that kind of thing) so I just took Wheaton in the little car to see  how he’d do. He got attention as I entered and exited, but he seemed to be comfortable with riding in the small car.

So I go into the store, and come out to find THIS:

Notice I'm staying on the passenger's seat

Ready for Co-pilot duty

Looks like we’re all ready for co-pilot duty, doesn’t it…?

Pepper and Wheaton seem to be doing really well together. Pepper’s accepting Wheaton well, and there hasn’t been much of Pepper’s “Get out of my face” behavior to Wheaton’s advances lately. Wheaton tries to engage him in play in the house, but Pepper isn’t one for rough run-and-jump kind play when indoors. Now if we can just get Wheaton to engage Pepper outside, then I think “the magic will  happen.”

So this morning I was in at the desk, working on the book. Wheaton had been in and out a couple times, and Pepper was snoozing on the floor by my side. I went out to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee, and found THIS:

This couch is so comfy

Have you ever heard a Golden Retriever snore...?


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