I can keep quiet no longer. It’s a Big Thing for a writer to be published.  To be published is a type of validation; it means that your work is felt to be good enough to be of service to others. A writer can accept publication with one of two attitudes:

a) Finally one of these dunderheaded fools has responded to the genius of my superior mind!!

b) Humility, thankfulness, and hope: Thank you Lord, for the time and the ability to work in the gifts you have given me.  May this work bring wisdom to others and glory to your name.


I hope by now you know that I choose (b).


With that preamble, let me send you to the articles.

Yes! Two articles of mine have been published!

My subject is LED-based lighting, and I thought I could be of service in explaining how it works plus how to buy it, for the person who is looking for more information.

Here’s the link to the Light Bulbs and Basics article, which also covers home lighting.

Here’s the link to the Automotive Applications article.




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