A Stone in the River of God

I was taking the back way to work today; along the river. The water is very fast and clear with the last of the spring runoff; the road swoops along the river, occasionally darting straight for a few hundred feet between sharp corners. This is a route I have driven often, and both the car and I revel in the flexuous challenge of zooming safely to work. The pavement unwinds endlessly under the wheels, the rhythm of the road playing through me and my machine.

Off to the left, the water runs clean and clear across the rocks, whispering through wide spots, grumbling through rapids, and slamming against itself with a thundering voice in the boulder-strewn confluence, the downriver side of a large outcrop that splits the river for a quarter mile.

The road darts away from the river for a bit, as if it is afraid to approach the edge of the torrent. I begin to wonder what it would be like to be:

 a stone in the river of God

Imagine being a stone in the river of God
where grace and mercy flow past like a river
and you are resting on the riverbed of the Word.

A rush in the current moves you to a different place
changing your surroundings
but not the fact that you are surrounded by grace and mercy
which still flow from the same Source
and do not change
no matter how your perceptions change.

The waters slowly polish away the rough edges
and remove the filth and dirt of sin,
revealing the beauty of the stone beneath.

You are one of many stones
over which the water flows;
The river’s song sings above you all,
changing with the textures in the current
added by each individual stone.


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