Something just for fun…

I was a big Star Wars nut. I spent (probably too much time) playing several of the LucasArts spin-off games on the PC, and they were a blast (pun intended). I especially enjoyed X-Wing Alliance where you got to fly a freighter like the Millenium Falcon.

But then stuff got to the point where it was built to run primarily on gaming boxes, and… well… sorry, not interested any more. I can justify the PC, but not the dedicated unit.

But today there’s a trailer for this new Star Wars game on the Xbox, using the Kinect.

Hey, could this be as fun as the Wii? So maybe I’ll reconsider…

Well, after I hit the lottery.

But meanwhile this trailer is a lot of fun – enjoy. By the end of the trailer, I find myself marveling at the ingenuity that God gave all of us.


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