A Moment of Golden Time

We were recently out for a few days off, and were spending some time at the ocean. The particular campground where we stayed was a few dozen steps from the edge of the low dune line. I was sitting outside the trailer and reading, and became aware of God’s hand on me. It was like God telling me, “Get your camera and go walking.

So I set my stuff down and got my camera. It was about then that I remembered this certain spot that I’d seen before, and it was kind of calling to me.

I made my way over there, and … the clouds had rolled in. I made a photo or two, but … nothing great. And then I got the Word to… “Just wait.” It almost seemed like a proud Father getting ready to show off his handiwork to a child.

So I waited on God.

The waiting was hard, because the week before I’d been mowing with the tractor, and it had been throwing me around a lot. The beating I had taken while mowing had overstressed the ACLs and MCLs in both my knees to the point where it literally ruined my ability to walk or stand for long periods. It was due to God’s healing work that I was able to walk enough so that I could go camping.

I was absolutely certain God had called me, so I sat down and waited.

I knew it was going to be worth it: the glory of “Golden Time,” when the light is perfect, was coming. But it was taking a while. Doubts abounded, because it looked like the clouds would never break. It seemed to be a very long while. And my knees still hurt.

So I adjusted my patience (and my camera), and continued to sit.

Then … it was like God saying, “Here it comes…” I got ready.

And then at exactly the right time, God brought his moment.

I had only bare moments to make a photograph. This photo is just as I shot it; from God’s hand to my camera. It has not been PhotoShopped.

Please click on the image to enlarge it. Do not, do not, just look at the small image, but please enlarge it to see some of the glory evident in the larger version.

For here is God, saying, “I am with you, no matter where you go. I will never leave you.

Click for full size image
My Hand is upon all things.


May your Name be glorified, O Lord, Sovereign God of all things and times. Thank you that we get to live in your living creation, which changes moment to moment. May your Name be magnified as we see and understand ever more of your work everywhere, every day.



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