Before you start throwing rocks at our elected officials…


Have you lately prayed that God would lay wisdom upon them? Have you prayed that God would evict the spirits of divisiveness and selfishness?

Well, we’re about to do so, together.

I too am frustrated by the abundance of vehemous words and the lack of action by our Congress. It’s not like they haven’t seen this problem coming for a long while, yet the childish finger-pointing continues until what will probably be the last moment to save us from fiscal crisis.

Yet it has become obvious to me that instead of praying for our government and lawmakers, many people seem to be praying against them.

Meanwhile those who are in places of power in our Congress appear to be conniving against one another.

Both of these are just plain wrong.

Let us work with each other in love, and base all discussions in love. When we lose sight of love, we lose sight of what God breathed into each us, to be shared with each other. We lose sight of what we have in common.

Let us ask God to evict the spirits of finger-pointing, the spirit of laying blame, the spirit of trying to entrap those who disagree. May God remove those evils from our Government and replace those evils with a spirit of brotherhood and wisdom. This whole post was brought about through the inspiration of the word of Proverbs 12:2-3:

2 A good man obtains favor from the LORD, but the LORD condemns a crafty man.3 A man cannot be established through wickedness, but the righteous cannot be uprooted.

So let’s now come before God’s throne and pray together in earnest:

Lord God, we thank you that you are sovereign above all things, above all circumstances, and above all spirits. We thank you that you made a Way for us to turn to you with our troubles and we know that you watch over us. Hear us now Lord as we humbly come before you to seek your help and as we trust in your intervention for us.

Lord, we see the distractions in our leaders caused by the enemy, and in your name we call upon you to evict from the hallways and chambers of our Government the distracting spirits of finger-pointing, blame-shifting, and the hurtful spirit of plotting for a political opponent’s downfall.

Turn our leaders and lawmakers’ eyes back to you and strengthen them against the siren call of personal gain at the cost of others. Open their hearts to your Word, the calling of work done for your glory, and for the uplifting of your Name.

All this we ask in Jesus’ precious name.

Amen. So shall it be!


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