Rescuing another Golden

It has been laying upon our hearts that we needed to look for another Golden Retriever to be a play-buddy for Wheaton and for Pepper. So we decided to leave it in God’s hands. We contacted Golden Bond Rescue via email, explained our situation, and just said, “Here’s our situation, and we’re open.”

The very next day we got a call back from Golden Bond, asking if we wanted to “Foster-home” a dog who was just coming into the program.

Okay Lord, here we go… “Sure.”

So “Roxie” is going to be our “Foster Dog” for a while. Here’s her situation right now:

The Humane Society in Portland picked up a stray with a chip. They ran the chip and in joyful expectation contacted the owner who said, “I don’t want her back.”

Talk about a downer… Their next call was to Golden Bond Golden Retriever Rescue.

Golden Bond got Roxie to a vet who examined her and found that while her general health was pretty good, her teeth were just awful. She has since had some extractions, gotten her shots up to date, and is getting a spay operation. She will be ready for us to pick up on Monday.

Here are her photos, that they made at the vet’s. I hate using flash on dogs; it makes them look kind of creepy. But here is what we have.

My wife noticed right away that she has the pink butterfly on her nose like Wheaton does.


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