Crisp Autumn Days

Today is one of those days when I drove to work with all the windows rolled down. This is one of those rare autumn days where it’s just warm enough to do so, yet cool enough to warn you that winter is coming.

I ran a mid-day errand (windows down of course), and as I headed down the long driveway at work, I noticed that the leaves had blown to the sides – but not off – the driveway.

Like a little kid, I immediately swerved to the side of the driveway and zipped along the curb, watching the leaves boil up around and behind the car, creating a giant leaf-storm in my wake.

C’mon, you did it too… Maybe on your bike or just running through the piles of leaves. I couldn’t suppress a childlike laugh of joy at the sight of the leaves flying everywhere as I zoomed along.

And then I noticed something else.

The sound.

The sound as I flew along, scattering leaves, giving them one last animation before they returned to the earth, was like a thousand hands applauding … applauding the Creator of the trees, the Sovereign of the seasons, Owner of the weather. Here was another way that Creation was praising the Creator. I have been outside reading and have with great fascination watched the trees ‘doing the wave’ to honor Him who made them, and right here, right now, was yet another way in which creation honors the Creator. Isaiah says in 49:13: Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains!

And for a moment, I was witness to it, shouting with childlike joy.

Drive with the windows down today. Look and listen.


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