Giving the Full Answer to a Question

I have always had a hard time with not being able to answer a question fully. I always have needed to take a bit of time and write out the full answer.

Tonight I have been inspired to write something to finish an answer that has been working in me since Thursday.

Thursday was our Men’s Prayer Breakfast. and in Thursday’s study, we had “Psalm 46, which Luther versified and Christianized into his hymn, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.””

Yes, today’s Reformation Sunday.

Our Pastor noted that at Jericho, the Israelites conquered the city not with swords, but with a song. And then he asked, “What song would be the anthem of your life?” We discussed the root of the word anthem and it is of Greek origin, lately meaning the theme song of a country. Once we got back to the question, my first response was REM’s “This one goes out to the one I love”, because it is a song of calling.

But on further reflection, I know that the anthem of my life is not a particular song with words, but an instrumental. And therein lies a bit of poetry.

Think of a good instrumental. The one that haunts you with its fullness, yet still seeming to miss a key part.

Its theme begins with simplicity; setting the tone for the music to follow.

It builds, finding its purpose through the intervention of rhythm, solos, chorales, unexpected yet subtle changes in tone, pitch, and rhythm.

It evolves. It is a living thing, part of a living creation.

It finds its purpose in the works of selected segments of the orchestra; all of these segments working together either as a whole or as parts to weave a tapestry that changes moment-by-moment.

All in unity filling, swelling, receding. All to seek, find, embrace, evolve, fill, swell, and worship.

Waves washing upon the shore, clouds rolling through a high canyon;

Winds… rattling the leaves in trees, causing them to applaud in honor of the Creator of all things.

All forming a unified theme

Known only to the writer of the larger opus

Until it is revealed to all

As a part of all things

Woven together by our Creator.


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