“Beat Obama” – is that all?

I ask this question in this particular way because those first two words seem to be all that anyone in politics has been concentrating upon.

Seriously, shouldn’t there be something else in that statement? Perhaps something like “Govern in a different manner”? Or what about, “I have a different idea”?

Even more seriously: Whatever happened to selfless sacrifice? The good of all?

By concentrating solely upon the victory and forgetting about ‘what then‘, we now become victims of the same kind of thinking that got us into Iraq: “Go in and win.”

Okay, then what? We devastate their country, screw up their infrastructure, ignore the larger threat – the Taliban, and get stuck in the middle of fights into which we should never have inserted ourselves.

This kind of thinking will do the same to the United States that it did to the country of Iraq if it is allowed to persist. Before you begin to argue, think about it: small warring factions all with their selfish idea of how things should be run – some are religion-based, some are culturally based, and some are based on less-than-sound thinking perpetrated by people whose sole purpose is to inflame instead of inform.

What happened to the less-than-selfish desire to do good for others? I submit that it is being forgotten on the side of the road whose signpost reads, “Victory at all Costs”.

We MUST get out of this mindset of selfishness and think about what will be best for our country.

I will never tell you how to vote or to think. I just will remind you to think.

And while you’re thinking: Just imagine what we could do if all in governing bodies could ignore the view from their high horses, get off, and work with each other in compromise.


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