Cool Thing of the week

A friend of mine sent this along; there’s just something of the kid in me that loves to watch it work.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be paid to bust stuff?

Check this out:


The company is SSI; and here is their explanation:

How to Force-Feed an Industrial Shredder

Sometimes industrial shredders are fed materials that are oddly shaped or so lightweight they end up spinning or bouncing on top of the rotating cutters. With SSI’s patented Ram Assist, those materials are pushed into the shredder’s cutting zone, allowing the cutter hooks to better grab on to the materials, thereby increasing productivity.

This Shred of the Month video features SSI’s Ram Assist pushing 50 gallon plastic drums, lightweight plastic pallets and a bulky fluid container (IBC) into a Dual-Shear™ shredder. We’ve even included bonus footage from our “RAM-CAM” giving you an up-close view of the shredder cutters in action! Check out this month’s all new SSI ‘Shred of the Month’ video.

We hope you enjoy this month’s video. We invite you to tell us what you think or let us know “What Needs Shredding?”.


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