Prayers Gratefully Accepted

It has been impressed upon me (and pretty firmly, I might add) that we are all in Christ’s body together. All of us support each other; no one is supposed to go it alone. To that end, please let me invite you to feel free to add your prayers to mine, and to do so in the way God leads you.

I’m going in for colorectal surgery tomorrow. Although the procedure (see TMI section, below) is supposed to be reasonably ordinary, if you know me, I can always find some way to make the ordinary… different.

Currently I’m praying for the surgery team to have:

Clear vision,

Steady hands,

Sharp, clear minds,

Brilliant insight,

And God’s blessing upon their individual gifts.

I’m praying for a fast, painless, and simple recovery with no complications; that I continue to be able to see God’s healing and work in my life through the recovery period.

I am grateful for many things in my life, and to be working with gifted people is an honor and a blessing in itself. We all have our particular gifts from God, and I am privileged to be able to work in mine every day. It has always been my hope that I may bless others by what I do; and in those days where I cannot see a direct result of what I do, I pray that God will be glorified by the things I cannot see.

If God lays it upon your heart to pray for me, I ask that he guide you in whichever way you wish to pray, for he has given us all different gifts, and to use his gifts in service to others is a high form of worship.


I’ll post an update once I’m through this trial.



Okay, here’s the dreaded TMI section.

First, this is here because I have little shame left… I have an anal fistula, apparently with two exit openings. This has to be repaired on an inpatient basis, since it seems to be somewhat delicate and complicated at the same time. It must be repaired, since the ongoing infection (since end of January) can spread to the abdominal wall, and will not resolve itself on its own. So the infected areas have to be opened up and cleaned out, thereby removing the source of the infection.

Recovery is expected to take a couple days, but I will have to remain in a reclining position as much as possible to keep pressure off the area and so control post-operative swelling.


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