Through the first trial…

Okay, as of today I’m good enough to sit here and write about how I’m through the first part of this trial. I cannot thank all of you deeply enough who were praying for me.

I find this to be a reminder of how we’re all made differently. For it happened that once I was on the table to have what we all thought as one problem corrected, it was discovered that I had more than one problem going on. The gifted people were able to correct all problems, but…

I’m going to need a second surgery, to finish the corrections that were begun last week. (I’ll have a ‘simple’ office visit two weeks later, to check on how everything turned out, as the final follow-up.)

So again I’m asking for prayers from all you wonderful gifted folks who prayed for me last week. I can only chuckle that God must want us all in front of him again.

The second surgery is scheduled for the 12th.

We’ll join hands in prayer once again, then.


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