Came through better than last time

Thank you everyone, thank you all, for your prayers.

Last night a member of our Thursday morning prayer group called, just completely out-of-the-blue. I was touched deeply to hear from him, because I’m not really used to this kind and level of caring from other members of a church. We’ve been in churches where there was a superficial amount of involvement, and little contact beyond ‘hello’ in the foyer. But this … the more I thought about it, the more I have been affected by this simple act of caring. This morning, in the quiet of the house, I am still amazed as I reflect. So this is what it feels like to be a member of the Body of Christ. So this is what it feels like to truly have a home in a church. We hear a lot about each of us personally being Christ to others in the world; but David, last night, you brought the caring of Christ home to me.

I sit quietly, and I can hear the applause of heaven.

Pardon me while I go get a refill on my coffee so I can swallow past the lump in my throat…


So a couple notes about the surgery, and if you want more detail, then you can continue down into the TMI section.

I was only out for about 45 minutes this time, as compared to 2-hours-plus the last time. I was awake much sooner afterward, and recovered enough to go home much more quickly. We took my ‘work car’ this time and because it’s smaller, it has a bit more motion than her hot-rod SUV. There were a couple times on the way home where I was a bit woozy from the motion, but once home, my sweet wife made me some soup, and afterward I was able to nap in a chair for a while.

But I woke up with an incredible headache; the likes of which I’d never had before. I’ve had migraines before; I’ve been mildly concussed before; but this was way worse than any of that. I began to wonder if this was what a brain aneurysm felt like… It continued to get even worse, finally the pain was so bad, I had the dry-heaves. After a few minutes of that, the pressure in my head began to ease, and I was through the worst of it.

I napped on and off for the rest of the day; finally I woke with a clear head and was ready to perhaps go outside and do my devotions in the late afternoon. Except it was after 9 PM.

Yesterday I was mostly pain-free; just some discomfort in the area. Compared to the way it’s been since the end of January, this was easy. Compared to the way I felt after the first operation: so much different, only have needed 1/4 the amount of pain meds.

So the repairs seem to be all complete, but there is some complication due to part of the repairs not going exactly as planned; let us all pray that I will be completely healed in spite of it.

< TMI Section >

Okay, here are the details: As I understand it, the doc had tied off the sources of the fistulas before; standard practice is to find the ‘tunnel’ of the fistula, relieve it, and in certain more extreme cases (like mine, unfortunately) leave a surgical string in it to promote drainage and healing. Since I had two fistulas, there were two strings left in; plus two strings tying off the base of the structure where each of the fistulas originated. These all have to be left long, so the surgeon can find them to execute the final repairs, since we are living structures and change over time as our bodies accommodate themselves to current circumstances. So, yes, I had four strings … um … hanging … um, out.

Somewhere between the first repair and this work-finishing session, I ‘lost’ two of the strings – the two that were allowing the ‘tunnels’ to heal. Only God knows what happened to them; I’m not sure myself, since I can’t exactly see back there, and I’m not really the type to go looking at such things in a mirror. All I can tell you at this point is that about half a dozen days ago, the two strings that were attached to the structures where the fistulas originated had been left too long, and from the very start they had been getting caught on things and getting pulled upon – which probably makes you shudder to think about. Imagine how, um, uncomfortable, it was for me. So I asked my sweet, patient, all-enduring wife to cut just a bit off them. She saw the one that was really long and was causing me all the trouble, so she took two inches off it, making it the same length as the only other string she saw.

For that, she kind of got heck from the surgeon, who took a bit of offense at anyone messing with his work. We both think it’s a case of misunderstanding, but sometimes doctors are as stubborn and possessive of their work as certain Engineer-types (perhaps like me…?) and he would not hear that the other two strings seemed to have disappeared on their own.

The other two strings being gone is rather a concern; as it could mean that I might not heal properly.

Well, my follow-up office visit is in two weeks, and at that point we’ll see how everything has healed.


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