New permanent resident

I’ve been hearing him for the last couple months. Looks like he’s going to be staying a while. He swooped through the back meadow a couple days ago just to say, ‘The bunnies are mmm-mmm-good here.’

You can imagine that the crows are less than thrilled with his presence. Four of them were attempting to chase him off, and he got tangled in the woods below that particular tree. Before I could grab my camera, he had disengaged himself and taken back to the air. He came straight out at the crows, and you could almost hear them collectively gasping in fright as they scattered…

Here are a couple photos from when he was sitting still for a moment – the first is without the digital zoom on the camera. The second shows lots of artifacts from the digital zoom, and you can now see why I counsel people to avoid using the digital zoom unless you really, really need it.

Check the top of the tree

Here’s a closer shot, with the digital zoom. Now you see why I tell people not to use it, but I had no choice here.

Our new permanent resident


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