God is not complicated

A couple nights ago, I’d been in the middle of my devotions and looked up, thinking about what I would be saying to God. Doing as much writing as I do, a number of phrases began to run through my head. Picking up each of them, I began to mentally edit them and try to arrange them into a coherent string of thought. The mental exercise grew as the main thought of what I had wanted to say began to fade into the noise of complexity surrounding how I was trying to frame it.

Then it was as if God’s hand was on my shoulder.

Child, I am not complicated.

All the mental heavy-lifting I was doing vanished in a flash. I realized that God hears our hearts more than our words. 

It was as if a patient Father was waiting for his child to make the mental step before speaking again.

Pray the words of your heart.

I thought of all the times that all I’ve ever needed to say was, “Lord, please help me.”

I want to leave you with a final thing to consider:

God is complex, but not complicated.


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