The Cosmic Zoom

An old working-friend emailed me something really interesting and it brought back some memories…

Back when I was working in Corporate Television, at a time before a lot of electronic fakery and ‘enhancement’ in the form of CGI became commonplace, we saw this phenomenal ending shot for a movie. The shot began with this scene between two people, and keeping the two people in the frame all the while, the camera moved backward out the window and up into the sky, finally ending at the stratosphere (because that was as far upward as you could fly in those days). We looked at each other and said, “What a fantastic move. Too bad they couldn’t turn it into a true Cosmic Zoom, by going outside the earth’s atmosphere and showing the entire solar system. Wouldn’t that have been cool?” And that’s how it got called “The Cosmic Zoom”.

Okay, enough reminiscing. As you look at this and marvel, think about the fact that God designed all of this…

Here’s the link, both in clickable form and in a form to allow you to past it into your browser. It takes a fairly long time to get going, but it’s worth it. Here’s a version you can paste into your browser:



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