Consider our Sun for a moment

And God as a Master engineer…

As the day inevitably becomes evening and finally night,
the sun offers a final peek
into the dangerous reality of its nuclear furnace;
made carefully and lovingly by God
to stand 93 million miles away.

It is the full peril of our very own local star
shining with a certain set of wavelengths.
Gamma radiation is contained within its fusion,
but limited as to how much may escape.

And our Earth contains natural filters
to allow only what levels of absorption
are safe for us, God’s children.

And to behold the Sun,
passing the edge of the ocean
as the earth turns yet another cycle …

A dog lying quietly at my side …

Is to see something phenomenal;
for God hand-crafted this one sunset,
just for tonight.

(click to enlarge)

Last Light of the Day 




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