“Obama” is not the problem

I used to be a Republican.

Not a Republican as they are now, but a Republican of the Eisenhower era. Building things, looking out both for commerce and the common man. Tell the truth, always; even when it is hard. Fifty years ago, Eisenhower told Kennedy to get the troops out of Europe, otherwise the whole of Europe would be dependent upon us. Prescient.

Yes, I used to unquestioningly follow, feeling that everyone in the Party espoused those ideals. Not any more.

The Tea Party minority have driven the Republicans far beyond the boundaries of anything resembling sanity. The leaders listen far too closely to the dark voice of the crackpot minority, feeling they are somehow The Voice of The People.

Here’s what this reminds me of: I live far out in the country, and generally it’s peaceful, tranquil, and quiet until you hear some moron in the distance in his car with a loud sound system. The noise gradually gets closer and louder, robbing everyone and everything of solitude; this person is literally committing phonic  rape upon the landscape. I put it in these raw terms because it is an entirely self-centered act perpetrated by one individual without the willing consent of anyone; and to the detriment of all.

Yes, that’s how I feel about the Tea Party. They have now co-opted the Republicans … but the Republicans have gone willingly into this darkness, thinking somehow that “This is the Way Forward”.

And these demonic voices are fogging the truth of their obstructionism by yelling that “Obama is the problem!” These people in the Tea Party have allowed themselves to be filled with rage-driven hate and somehow feel that they are “in the right”. They get themselves all worked up by reading their own hate mail, then go out to wreak havoc upon and shout down all who do not agree with them.

What bothers me most of all is that these people are letting some “political commentator” or worse yet, entertainer, do their thinking for them. Giving up your opinion to another without challenging the origins of their statements is akin to giving up the most valuable thing you possess on this earth. Think of the scene in Genesis 25:33 – 35 if you need a stronger argument than mine.

Hate is easy; it’s attractive. All you have to do is give up and surrender yourself. It simply takes over, no effort on your part. You get fed your reward constantly, and you get it now. And it’s never satisfied. It keeps feeding you just a little less than you feed it.

But Hate is never the answer. Instead I present Truth. Truth is difficult; it requires maintaining an upright and seeking attitude. Truth requires work. A lot of work. It’s seldom rewarding, except in your own heart. Truth does not call aloud like Wisdom; it must be sought. Making up your own mind requires work: diligence and perseverance.

But weigh this in your mind as you consider these alternatives: you just wait until you get to face God! How far will Hate get you then?

I have a shocking statement for everyone to consider: Nobody – yes, not a single person –  is “in the right” here. We are humans. Anytime we are guided by our own minds and egos, we will be wrong. The only Right in the world is God. And Truth is the lamp that illuminates the path which leads to God. Also remember that when we judge others, we put ourselves above them. And that’s never where God intended us to be. We are to be equal among ourselves, with God as our … well, God.

I told you I would never tell you how to vote; instead I would just remind you to think.

So now I ask you: are some of these politicians truly worth the support of your vote?


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