There’s beauty even in hot days

This last weekend was a real scorcher. Was 100° Saturday, then 90° on Sunday.

Saturday morning had dawned cool with little warning as to what was to come. That day’s searing heat just served to raise all the dust everywhere, and give it greater mobility to get into everything.

“Do I hear God whistling for me?”

Sunday morning, the dogs and I took our daily mile-and-a-third trek to the end of the road to get the paper. I’d had ‘the push’ from God to take the camera, so I (grudgingly) obeyed. Now every time I’m reluctant to obey God I always find myself asking in retrospect:

Is it any wonder at all that God calls us ‘his children’?

So Pepper, the old Shetland Sheepdog, shambled along with his typical steady tempo, and the rest of us matched him, allowing his age and arthritis to set our pace. On the way back, I could see Pepper perking up a bit from the work of the walk as he heard God whistling for him.

The morning was bright, but lacked a refreshing coolness; so you knew that the day was going to turn hot.

Our steps raised little dust puffs, making each of us look like Charlie Brown’s friend “Pig-pen”. Away up the road, across from the trees, the familiar edge of our property begins. The road side, with its intentionally tall and shaggy grass, is always full of dust this time of year, and beyond lie familiar spaces, punctuated with the uplifting spirit of shared love and lives.

God lays his hand upon our lives in many different ways – even through Golden Retrievers.

Wheaton, of course, always neglects everything except for the bunnies and scents to be found. A constantly-working  nose on four dog-feet, he is always anxious for me to walk on his terms, pulling with the resolution of a draft horse if not checked by a word and a snap on the leash. However, God brought him specifically to us and placed him in our care for a reason.

And it is on mornings like this that God reminds me that he is still there to be found, no matter how difficult it is to see him.

The tough thing to remember on days like this is this:  Without hard days to have as a contrast, the easy ones just slide by without notice. For me, then, I choose to use the easier days to celebrate being alive through the harder ones. When the next easy day comes, I will choose to adopt an attitude of gratitude and remember Romans 8:28:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


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