The World has a Bit More Color

… at least for a while. The last couple days have brought a couple welcome rain showers and MUCH cooler weather. Walking down to the paper-box at the end of the lane yesterday, the summer’s tan dust was remarkable in its absence. I noticed how there was so much more color to everything, everywhere I looked: the trees seemed much brighter, and even the weeds at the edge of the road had texture heretofore unnoticed in their sepia-toned dullness.

Last night, the stars were so much brighter, because the suspended dust in the air had been temporarily washed away. Wheaton had absolutely insisted that I take him out, and once we got away from the pool of the yard lamp, the view of the stars was breathtaking. For a few moments I was transported. Singing of its Creator, the sky sparkled gem-like above. Constellations invited my tracing finger, as they became clearer with the adjustment of my night vision. Dim clouds of stars invited further contemplation until…

… the leash jerked in my hand. Wheaton was done and just messing about, eager to follow his nose. Looking up nervously and whuffling quietly, he reminded me how the uninvestigated silence of the upper meadow disturbed him.

Time to go in.


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