Without a Wedding Ring

For the first time in 38 years, I am without a wedding ring.

It has been a quiet reminder of a sacred commitment I made and intend to never break.

But because of my arthritis, my finger was having a lot of intermittent pain, so off it had to come. It wouldn’t come off easily any more; it hasn’t for 5 or 6 years.

I’ll get another someday; but meanwhile I miss the reassuring click against any hard surface and the same reassurance it gives my heart.

So what does the ring symbolise anyway?

For some, it’s a minor symbol; for me, it’s deeper.

It means disagreeing, not arguing; it is misunderstanding, not rejection; it is commitment, not convenience; it is permanance, not transience; it is the comfort of trust in another when one cannot trust oneself; and it is the unity of two in God versus the promise of emptiness.

It is the comfort of knowing someone loves you even when you feel far from loveable. Very far.


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