Politics and Gossip, and…

I find myself increasingly displeased when I get email from some people. They are all too happy to pass along lies and fabrications from others who create things to further the cause of hatred. I find it more disturbing that their added comments at the top point to a gleeful attitude in passing along these falsehoods.

As an example – some of the latest has to do with comparing people who don’t agree with them politically to… rodents, of all things.

Now what good does that do for anyone? Do they not remember the teaching that God will hold you accountable for everything you do?

Hate and truth often have little in common. I submit that choosing the path of love will be more constructive – as in to build up a person.

I for one, do not care to risk the displeasure of God just to further some political agenda.

Like my third-grade teacher used to say, “Be constructive, or BE QUIET.”


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