What I’d do if I were a Debate Moderator

There’s been all this whining about “their candidate got more time”… and all this other moaning that ‘the moderator favored their candidate’.

Baloney.It is what it is.

I have a simple solution, and honestly I’m amazed it hasn’t been used yet: Say that the format is one of 2-minute statements, and 1-minute rebuttals. The participants already have a clock on the floor (usually several monitors with a feed so they all agree).

My rule is simple: You get to the ZERO mark, and your mike gets cut.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done, I’ve been there, and it can.

I’ve spent almost 30 years in television and associated media as a Chief Systems Analyst and Engineer, as a Producer, and as crew.

So with me, no mercy – get to zero and if you’re still talking, you’re talking to yourself.


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