So it looks like we skipped Fall …

… well, pretty much so, anyway.

The weather passed from hot and drought, to warm and drought in the end of September, and now at the end of October…

It’s gone all rainy and cold. Not just the regular chill of idyllic Autumn evenings, where a warm day turns to a snapping cold at night. This is full-on-wet-Northwest-Winter.

Typically I wait for a week and a half to see if the weather’s developing a trend; and yup, we have it now. Cold and wet. If this was videotape, I’d say we assemble-edited from Summer into Winter. Suddenly our nighttime lows are in the high 30s and the daytime highs are in the upper 40s.

But finally we have rain. A week and a half of pretty much steady rain means most folks are kind of ready for a break, but nobody’s complaining too much yet. At least that awful tan dust has finally been washed from everything.

And the River of Clouds is back. It made an ever-so-brief appearance the other morning; long enough for a snapshot.

(c) SteamguyThis one’s worth a click-on to enlarge it. In person, it’s breathtaking. When you sit and watch it for any length of time, you realize that the clouds are literally rolling past, as if they’re a river. There are swells, rolls, and breaking waves.

It’s just a reminder that God made a living, breathing, moving, alive creation.


Yes, and that is indeed snow on the mountain range in the distance.


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