“We have weather coming.”

That’s what the older folks used to say…

Well, now that I’m one of them – hmmm. My arthritic hands won’t close to make a fist, and my shoulder’s bothering me.

But the saddest thing is my old Shetland Sheepdog buddy: he’s having a really hard time getting up, so his hips must really be bothering him. He’s nearly 15, so there are other things that are less than fun to think about. But for the last couple days we’ve often had to pick him up to his feet so he can get up and walk around.

He is good at telling me the weather, though:

Pepper says: “Yes, it’s snowing… and by the way, wouldja MIND toweling me off…?”

Humor aside, I will digress to make a point about my hands: There are those days when it’s difficult to type and therefore to work. ‘Quit’ is never in the vocabulary, but ‘persevere’ is. There is never any satisfaction in quitting. But when you have been given a job to do and you persevere through it, you win the right to be pleased that you finished it. And when you make your best effort in spite of all obstacles, then you earn the right to be satisfied with what you’ve done.


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