A Poignant Gift from the Desk Drawer: The Sheltie Bark-Bark Game

It’s funny how things like this come along. Here is a brief window into a past day; something captured by chance. Seeing it is tough because it reminds me of something that will never be, again. But at the same time, it celebrates the everyday joy brought when God loaned us these two Shetland Sheepdogs.

I was going through the desk and found a video camera disk from 2006: When I first got the camera, I had a disk in it and was making some test recordings outside on the deck. (Figured that if I was going to do something stupid, it’d be best to be by myself.)

I was making a closeup shot of Prince. But right then, the Shelties decided they were going to get into “The Bark-Bark Game”. I paused the camera briefly and got up to follow them. Then I resumed recording. (I did a little quick editing to keep you from needing seasickness pills.) You’ll see that about 20 seconds in, they get to snarling at each other; and doesn’t it just remind you of the way brothers are – but the rest of the time, they’re just imagining that they’ve heard something. And so they’re barking at it, the way they always did.

Notice that they’d seldom bark at the same time. That’s because one would get quiet to listen, and then about that time, the echo would come back, so the one would bark at the other’s echo. Then the other would bark at that echo. And so it would go. Sometimes for ten minutes at a time.

I remember them coming back to the deck, then I tried playing my recording back… and when they heard themselves, it immediately set them both off, to run back up to the corner of the meadow to bark-bark again.

And so they give us a bright window into a past day, captured by chance.



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